SEO Services

We see SEO as a two part system. One part is optimizing your website FOR the search engines. Through specific keyword research and placement we’ll make every page of your website relevant for the content it contains. Content marketing is a great tool for driving traffic to your website that is looking specifically for what you offer. Niche marketing is another way we’ll help you boost your search engine rankings.  Target marketing is essential for businesses to get more highly qualified leads that are easier to convert.
Here’s some of what’s included in our SEO Services:
-Keyword Research and Reporting
-On Page SEO
-Content Creation and Marketing
-Competitive Analysis and Reporting
-Increase Backlink Profile
-Local SEO
-Weekly Reporting on all Facets
The initial start-up fee for our SEO services is based on how many pages are on your website. The larger your website, the more work it takes to optimize every page, post, and everything in between. Our per page fee structure ensures that you don’t pay more than you need and we don’t get paid less than we deserve.
Once the initial set up is complete, we continue to monitor and optimize daily to make sure your business stays current with all the different algorithm changes and updates.  It’s been said that Google changes its algorithm every 72 hours, which may or may not be true, but it updates constantly.  If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, you’ll get lost in the dust.  We’ll also post new content to your website anywhere between 2-4 times a month.  The monthly fee is also determined by the size of your website.
Every SEO project is different, so we would need to have a conversation about your specific needs before we talk about cost. We take pride in keeping your costs low so you can get noticed online without emptying your wallet! We offer a free 30-minute consultation so call us today and tell us about your website and your current search engine optimization efforts, and we’ll let you know what we can do.
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