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Search Engine Marketing

SEM can be defined as Search engine marketing. Search engine marketing has become more essential nowadays. People have more access to the internet and web through various gadgets including mobile and tablets. So, we take advantage of this to promote your website. SEM is a practice of placing your website or webpage on the first page in the search engine's search page result for selected or predefined keywords by paid search results rather than organic search results. Because, it will take time to get good results in organic search results when we are new to the world wide web.
This can be obtained by paid advertisements in famous search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing etc.. Which will put our website advertisement for selected or predefined keywords so that, Our website will be on the first page of search engine results page. We are also likely to promote your website on Facebook using Facebook advertisement campaigns, Google ads, and pay per click and many other ways. This can also be a targeted advertisement based on locality and also remarketing can be carried out using online search history.

Some of the popular methods of SEM are,

Promotional mailers
Blasting emails to registered clients or sending out promotional mailers to attract new clients using bulk mailers. This can also be carried out for a specific set of people using mailers for targeted audience based on different age group, gender, and locality, etc.
Offers and coupons
Promoting special offers and coupons through google ads, social websites, mailers and make people to land on specially designed offer specific landing pages for each and every promotion.
It is a process of marketing certain products to users based on their search history on your website or generic search engine history.
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