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Logo Design

Logo can also be defined as an emblem or symbol representing one's business or organization. The logo defines the brand and brand quality. logo can be registered and be used as a trademark symbol. Logo helps people to easily recognize the brand or organization and distinguish their products among various manufacturers or vendors.

Logo can be classified as

Text Logo
Text logo can also be defined as typographic logo relies only on font type and size ratio. It can be a single font or combination of fonts, It also involves suitable color combination to represent the business.
Graphic Logo
The graphic logo can be achieved from basic geometrical shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc. A graphic logo can also be any symbolic representation of any object or living things. This type of logos will work well with a good color combination.
Combinational Logo
This type of logo creation combines both typo and graphics. This may involve the percentage variation of the size and prominence.

Features of a good Logo

-Logo must be unique
-Must be a visual representation of your organization
-Font and graphics must be convincing
-Colours used must covey brand message
-It must be easy to use the logo everywhere…
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